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Cosmetic Tattooing, Semi-Permanent Make-up or Micro Pigmentation for eyebrows is the process where tiny colour pigments are placed just under the skin in order to give the impression of long-lasting, naturally fuller, darker and more defined brows. You can have a 'Solid brow', 'Hair strokes', Micro-blading', '3D look', 'Feathering' and more - all to enhance the brows you already have or to design new brows or even to camouflage cuts or damages to your brows so that they are no longer visible.

Helen, with her artistic eye and experience, can recommend a brow shape or design that compliments your facial structure, since each face is different, therefore, every brow should be specifically designed to suit that face. A good eyebrow will result in a natural look that frames and compliments your eyes and face.

Some plucking and trimming may be recommended and carried out with your consent so that the resulting eyebrow shape is defined and polished. If you are unsure which technique you would prefer, Helen will be able to assist you in deciding on the best technique, in order to achieve your desired result, during the consultation. Always remember, Permanent Makeup, when done by a professional, should go undetected and be as subtle as possible. 

Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement

Permanent Makeup for the eyes defines your eyes. It is great for people who hate applying eyeliner daily or can’t apply it correctly. Besides convenience, eyeliner tattooing is the perfect solution for anyone with allergies (causing runny eyes), weak eyesight, dexterity issues or an active/outdoor lifestyle.

You have a choice of either having ‘Lash Enhancement’ or ‘Eyeliner’. You could choose to have both done for a fuller effect.

- Lash Enhancement involves adding pigment, as dots, between your lash line, and then slightly blending them together in order to darken your lash line, thereby giving an illusion of thicker, longer and fuller eyelashes. This procedure is usually applied to the lower lash line. It’s very natural-looking.

- Eyeliner tattooing will enhance the colour, size and shape of your eyes. You never have to go ‘bare-eyed’ again. You may choose top only or both top and bottom, adding depth, definition & lift to your eyes, so that they appear larger and more striking, and your lashes will appear thicker and fuller.


Helen will consult with you and recommend the look that best suits your face and features. Thus, giving you the perfect Eyeliner style that is long lasting, smudge proof and water proof. It will accentuate your eyes and give them fullness and depth. It can correct the appearance of uneven eyes. It helps you look your best 24/7 no matter what you are doing or where you are. 

Full Lip Color / Lip Liner 

Enhance and define your lips and create an illusion of fullness and volume. Not all lips are perfectly shaped, but this can be corrected with Permanent Make-up. Irregular lip lines can be restructured with a Lip liner procedure. A full lip procedure can restore faded lips, giving them a fresher and healthier appearance. Cosmetics lip tattooing can make drooping corners appear lifted. Having correctly contoured lips gives you a more youthful look.Lip tattooing will give the appearance of wearing lipstick without the hassle of applying it, smudging it and reapplying it throughout the day.

 As we age, our lips lose their fullness and colour, becoming thinner and losing their definition. This can be overcome with a permanent full lip tattoo to enhance the size and shape and make your lips more attractive. Aside from saving time, lip tattooing helps you stay more beautiful throughout the day. All thiswithout surgery or dermal fillers and more effective than Botox. It is really the only thing that can effectively correct asymmetry in lips.

During consultation with Helen, no matter what your lips look like, whether you have pale or uneven lips, scarred, sun damaged, genetic hair-lip, dark lips from smoking or are simply tired of reapplying your Lipstick all day, Helen, with her artistic talent, 20 years’ experience and professional make-up artist background, will recommend the perfect solution that best fits your looks. All you need to do later is use gloss and out the door you go.

Beauty Spot

Looking for a dash of old Hollywood glamor? Get a Cosmetic Tattoo Beauty Mark. It is widely considered an attractive feature that can express your individuality. If nature hasn’t blessed you with a beauty spot, Helen can do one for you and recommended the best spot and size that will enhance your natural beauty, highlight a facial feature and add a touch of glamour. After all, what gives a face more character than a distinctive beauty spot to add a sexy, fashionable look. 

Paramedical Tattooing

Paramedical Tattooing is the application of cosmetic tattooing to conceal, using different colours of flesh pigments, or re-create aspects of the body’s surface appearance that you are unhappy with. Paramedical Tattooing can be used to reconstruct or recolour the nipple areola (effected due to most types of breast surgery), camouflage scars (caused by Face Lift, injuries, accidents or Surgery), pigmentation (due to Vitiligo or Hypo-Pigmentation) and conceal skin imperfections or hair loss (from Alopecia), all for a natural and long-lasting solution, thereby increasing your self-confidence due to an improved appearance.

Like all Cosmetic Tattooing procedures, experience and artistic talent is important but in the case of Paramedical tattooing it is even more crucial. These types of procedures require an extra amount of artistic touch, due to its reconstruction aspect, which is what distinguishes Helen from the others. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists constantly refer their patients to her. Therefore, you will be in the best possible hands when it comes to restoring your appearance and look.  

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